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We Love Scott Van Pelt

Deadspin seems to have the inside dope on ESPN personalities. They broke the "You're with me, Leather" story, where Chris Berman uses said pick-up line to grab a young lady -- a personal favorite of Tom4. They broke the story of Neil Everett's alledged suspension for YWM,L references on-air. I still believe that's true. And now, they've shown us a new side of Everett's co-star, Scott Van Pelt.

I have a special spot in my heart for Scott Van Pelt since we both are Maryland alumni. But Deadspin taught me something today too. We're both hopeless romantics with the ladies. That message is liable to be something I'd leave on a girl's voicemail, although I don't have the funds to fly anywhere for dinner. It's funny but sincere. It's real. It's refreshing to see an on-air personality without a mega-ego -- SVP's self-deprecation and sincerity is hilarious.

We respected Scott before for always bringing an "A" game to Sportscenter. We respect him even more now because he's shown he's a normal guy like the rest of us. Scott, if you ever wanna have a drink with some other heavy-hearted guys, look up the boys from The Out Route. We'd be glad to get some drinks and try our luck with the ladies with you.