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So, We're Batting 1.000

We preview the Packers. Brett Favre immediately shows his further descent into Alzheimer's by claiming this Packers team is the most talented of his career. We preview the Texans. Mario Williams announces he's having his toenails removed. Now we're not saying there's a theme here, but....there's a theme here.

Fresh off our preview of the Vikings, star-crossed receiver Koren Robinson was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. Robinson got caught speeding at about 10:45 PM near the Vikings' training camp, right before the team's 11 PM curfew. He originally fled from police but was eventually stopped and reportedly cooperative. He was given a sobriety test, but details weren't available. If you'll remember, I stood up for Robinson and the efforts he made to get his life back on track, so I hope this isn't as bad as it seems. People shouldn't jump to conclusions until we know whether or not he was actually driving drunk, but if it turns out to be a DWI it will be a sad turn. Alcoholism is a constant struggle, and if Robinson was indeed driving drunk it's obviously something that still has a hold on him. The results of a DWI charge would most likely be a one-year ban from the NFL, a blow that would most likely end Robinson's career. As far as football goes, losing Robinson this close to the season would take away a lot from a promising Vikes offense. Brad Johnson will lose his #1 target, leaving average Travis Taylor and inexperienced Troy Williamson starting at wideout. I'm hoping things aren't what they seem.