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NBC, You're Dead to Me

What the fuck? Seriously! What the fuck?

Apparently not listening to my request to STOP THE EAR-BLEED-CAUSING MUSIC RUINING FOOTBALL ON TV, NBC has gone and made a decision as bad, or worse, than anything ever before. In the history. Of. All. Mankind.


They've hired Pink (yes, THAT Pink) to sing the Sunday Night Football theme. And what's worse? It's an adapted version of Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself For Loving You." It's an awful enough thing in its own right to make my football-viewing experience suckier, it's quite another to drag a badass like Jett, someone who I'm quite positive could kick my ass, down to the pits of hell with you.

Fred Gaudelli, who will be producing the weekly football game, had this to say about Pink's hiring:

We chose Pink as the signature voice because she is a tremendous talent with a crossover appeal that makes her relevant to all segments of our audience.

Who, exactly, is your audience, then? Because I know a lot of people that love football, and not a single one of them have ever expressed even a modicum of interest in Pink. So get bent, Gaudelli. That's a load of PR horseshit. You're trying to attract the TRL crowd, at the expense of real football fans. Don't insult us like that.

Of course we'll still watch the games, because football fans are interested in the action of football, not the frills and flash of a big network spectacle like the people Pink would attract. Isn't that the type of audience you'd like to appeal to? Football fans? You'd done a really good job with your announce crew, your studio team, but way to blow it.

Pink, if you've got a heart (and I'm not sure that's necessarily true), back out of this. NOW. Just because you're upset that you look like Farva doesn't mean you've got to take it out on us. Didn't you get your kicks when "Let's Get This Party Started" was THE song of the NBA Playoffs? Wasn't that enough? You are a ruthless, ruthless bitch Pink.

And I hate you.


You should do what I do. Turn off the sound and play the radio, the play by play is always better.

You could not be more dead on about this. Why do we have to be subjected to this crap before every prime time game?

Thank you for enlightening me to who was scewing up my playoff football experience. I had no idea who the angy looking fat bitch on my TV was.

Good Point Dave on the radio play by play... Much better. But Damnnnnnn... You other Football lovin, Pink hating whiners... Pink is OK... She's a real person who happened to catch some breaks, she IS talented. And fat??? I don't think so. TV adds 10 pounds and she still looks delicious. I need something pink right now, gotta go get a nibble..................

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