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Joining the Corporate Machine

Nothing's more gratifying than a little self-promotion. So I'm going to take this moment to direct you to AOL's new venture, The Fanhouse. They've recruited bloggers for every NFL team, and a lot of the big-name college teams, to cover "the beat" throughout the season.

The goal, presumably, is to be more in-depth in their coverage, to reach crevices the national media doesn't feel like reaching. And the bloggers are all fans of the team they cover, so you'll be getting impartial, passionate opinions. It'll be a great place for news, information, analysis, and humor, with a lot of really great writers.

The NFL Fanhouse launches today, and I'm covering the Saints. Kyle has the University of Maryland on lockdown, but you'll have to wait further for that. Take some time to get familiar with the place -- it should be a nice home for big football fans this season.



Two guys who know sports like no one else. Looking forward to reading both the out route and AOL. :)

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