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I'm In a Sports Blogging State of Mind

You know, I realize I don't post enough on this site, and with my stint at AOL starting soon enough, I'll be splitting my time. So I've decided to try to write something, anything, once a day. I'll just quickly touch up on some things that wouldn't be big enough for an entry but that were on my mind nonetheless.

Let's go.


- Tiger Woods dominated again this weekend by winning the PGA tour, which makes him three for the last three events he's been in, starting with the British Open. Wow. What a way to come back from a time when he was dealing with the death of his father and then didn't make the cut for the US Open. Right before the US Open, Sports Illustrated said that golf went from being a competition between Tiger, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, and Retief Goosen to a competition between Tiger and Phil. Well, it looks now like it's a competition between Tiger and himself. I've read sports journalists who've said you're either a Phil guy or a Tiger guy. That's such crap. This isn't Elvis or the Beatles. And if it is, Tiger is the Beatles -- because their much better than Elvis.

- The Yanks humiliated the Red Sox in a five game sweep. As a Mets fan, that sucks because I have to listen to all the cocky Yanks fan. I was loving having a year when the Yanks fans couldn't boast because their playoff destiny was uncertain. Now it'll be back to old times. The Mets really need to win the World Series.

- Speaking of the Mets, the entire Mets fan base is sitting with its heart in its stomach, worried that Tom Glavine's season might be over because of a possible blood clot in his shoulder. It's possible that Glavine may be back as soon as a week or so, and we're all hoping that's the case, but we all know he's done. This is what happens to the Mets. We have all been looking up hoping that other shoe doesn't hit us, but it may anyways. I can only imagine how nerve-wracking this time is for Glavine. He's thirteen wins away from 300 and on a team having a great season. Now, he has to sit and wait until they tell him the verdict. That's got to be the worst feeling in the world.

- As Tom mentioned, we drafted our fantasy teams. What he didn't say was that last year, he finished in last and I finished in second to last. If Randy Moss continues to be ineffective because of Aaron Brooks, I'll fly out there and take out his knees like I should have done with Kerry Collins last year. So if you read a story about a mysterious attack on Brooks, you'll know it's me. (Along similar lines, I feel the same way about my first two picks last year, Culpepper and Burleson, who fucked me harder than any girl in school. - Tom)

- USA basketball plays Slovenia tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM and I'm actually considering laying in bed and watching some of it. I'm sure I'll reconsider at 6:30. Being a Maryland fan, I was taught to hate Coach K and now I have to root for him if I want Team USA to win. It's like when you were in high school and you were randomly paired to do a project with some douchebag that you couldn't stand. OK, it's really not like that at all, but it still sucks.

- And to close out on a completely non-sports related topic, Stephen Colbert rocks. And a bridge and Hungary will show it.