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Happy Maddenday

I've got my copy. Do you have yours?

I took an extended lunch to travel from Queens to Manhattan, just to pick up Madden '07. If I ever doubted how big the video game has become (I haven't), my trip today has erased such (non-existent) thoughts. Trying to get through the 5th Ave. Best Buy store in New York today was like looking for room to dance in a clown car. All of the employees had eye black on, I'm sure much to their chagrin. It was like Best Buy, for the day, had turned into a safe haven for thousands of guys who look relatively normal on the outside (in most cases, mind you; some didn't even make that effort) but who, on the inside, still haven't gotten past the key point in maturation when girls become more important than video games. Don't worry, I'm including myself in that group.

Giant play stations (get it?!) were set up around the store so curious dorks with lots of time on their hands could play on big-screens with surround sound. It was so trafficked that they didn't keep any games out on shelves -- the poor team of cashiers, who must have experienced the rough equivolent of a Star Trek convention, had to keep every copy of the game at their respective battle stations. Only 1 per person. Oh, and by the way, the line for the game snaked around the entire first floor of the store and even began to extend down the staircase that leads to the store's lower level. We're talking maybe 150, 200 people deep. It was serious. I've never even waited that long for the cable guy to come.

This game better be worth it. Who am I kidding? Of course it will be.