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We're Back

Yeah, we went missing in action again this weekend. Here are some thoughts on things we missed while having a life.


- The answer to the young man's above question is, "Right where he should be." Reggie Bush agreed to a six-year deal with the Saints. Financial terms were not disclosed, although the rumor is $51M with $26.2M guaranteed, only $300K less than first pick Mario Williams. It's funny how far "inside information" gets you. After all of the wind expelled by "pundits" exclaiming that Bush would miss a considerable amount of time, his holdout amounted to all of two days. Now the spotlight turns to Matt Leinart, the highest-profile draftee yet to sign. This one, unlike Bush's negotiations, could get ugly -- talks have already stalled and appear to be going nowhere.

- The Bobby Abreu lotto was won by the Yankees, who managed to acquire the Phillies outfielder AND starter Cory Lidle for next to nothing. The Bombers didn't have to part with top prospects Philip Hughes or Eric Duncan, but did give up first round shortstop C.J. Henry. Prospects are always hit-or-miss, so we won't know exactly what the Phillies got for a couple of years. But right now this appears to be a deceptively good deal for the them. Abreu is an above average outfielder, but the Phillies weren't giving up an elite player. His first half last year was an anomaly. And Lidle is only slightly above .500 in his career with an ERA in the mid-4s. The Yankees did manage to fill two major holes, but they made this trade with this year in mind, ignoring the future. This is how the Yankees have operated for the last few years, and it hasn't spelled success. I have a hard time believing this is the deal that wins them the World Series. And moreso, now the question becomes, how will Gary Sheffield react to being replaced in right if/when he returns this year? Joe Torre already has plans to play Sheff at DH, and Gary's not the type who's been known to take things quietly and diplomatically. Can chemistry turn sour?

- As previously discussed here, Sam Fingold signed a letter of intent to purchase the Penguins. He's said that he intends to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh as long as the city can provide a new arena. But the prospects of that still look grim.

- Falcons receiver Brian Finneran is out for the year after buckling his knee in training camp. An MRI is scheduled, but the team thinks it's a tear to one or more ligaments. Finneran is a valuable asset to the Falcons' offense -- he's the only actual receiver Michael Vick has shown to have some form of connection with. This puts added pressure on Michael Jenkins and Roddy White, who are already coming into the season with heavy expectations after promising reports during the offseason. The free agent market for receivers is low, so is it possible the Falcons will begin discussions with the Broncos for Ashley Lelie? The Broncos have been looking for a running back in return, and the Falcons have been rumored to be dangling T.J. Duckett to teams. It looks like it could be a match.

- The Red Wings have brought back Dominik Hasek for the third time to handle the tending of the goal. Anyone who's talked hockey with me is readily aware of my disdain for Hasek, a player who's been avalanched with praise but who disappears regularly in the playoffs. He's a choke artist and a fraud. He's mastered the art of the timely injury, missing significant portions of his career in the infirmary, usually at times when the stakes and pressure is high. This is not the direction the Red Wings should have moved in. Hasek's best days are behind him.

We'll get that pending Packers preview up at some point today, but here's a preview: things don't look good. Also, I'm happy to report that Kyle and I will be blogging for AOL Sports during the upcoming NFL season -- he'll be covering his Rams, I will handle the Saints -- so make sure to toggle between the two sites for your fix of he and I. And if that's not enough, you can call us and book us to make an appearance at your party. We're cheap and will fulfill all of your lap-dancing needs (ladies only, and no fatties), although you must supply the whipped cream. Disclaimer: we're probably not as good as Kinky Kelly.