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There's No Limit to This Myspace Shit


We're pretty sure this is a first -- Saints fullback Mike Karney revealed that he signed a five-year extension. What's troubling is that he announced it through his Myspace account. ESPN is further behind than they thought if Myspace is breaking stories before them. Obviously John Clayton (or, as we like to refer to him, Kip from Napoleon Dynamite) isn't working hard enough. And what's worse, it provides ESPN with even more motivaton to launch their social network, with or without Bill Simmons.

Mike Karney is one of my favorite Saints. In school, he used to attach himself to his car by rope and pull it for exercise. That's manly. But we're not so sure about this. C'mon, Mike. Creed? That's not a song that commands people's respect. Besides, the new Hot Chip album is killer! Have you considered "And I Was A Boy From School"?