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The Baddest Punter In The Land

Todd Sauerbrun is no ordinary punter. Evidence:

1 - He absolutely trucks players in the open field, even causing a fumble with the tackle above.
2 - He's the only player since 1970 to lead the league in punting average three years in a row.
3 - He's been disciplined in the past for being overweight.
4 - His license plate reads "HANGTIME."

The last of those four points indicates he's a pompous asshole. The other three lend support to what the NFL has confirmed: Todd Sauerbrun is a juicer. At least, he's tested positive for ephedra, and will be suspended for the first four weeks of the season. Suspicion first broke when Sauerbrun punted for Carolina, when he and a few other Panthers were linked to Dr. James Shortt, a physician who's admitted to prescribing illegal steroids to footballers. At the time this news broke Carolina was already trying to trade the 'Brun because of his past troubles. All of this proves my theory, yet again, that you get what you deserve when you pick a kicker in the draft all.



I had the opportunity of growing up a few years ahead of Todd and know him to be passionate about the art of kicking and punting.
It must be enjoyable for someone who has never experienced the level of play that Todd currently finds himself partaking in and making comments. Many athletes are enticed into behavior to enhance their performances and more than you will imagine are looking for the edge that will keep them employed. I do not fault Todd for anything other than some poor judgement off the field in non-football related matters, but commend him on ensuring that he is taking care of his ex-wife and daughter and learning to be a better role model through reflecting on his mistakes and guiding others to not follow directly in his footsteps. There are many players who deserve your sharp wit and condemnation, Todd is not one of them.
David Lewis

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