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Quite Frankly, That's All You Need

When someone named Jackea Chan contacted Saints Report offering free tickets to the Quite Frankly to see Deuce McAllister, I thought it was a hoax. After all, doesn't Jackea Chan seem like just the most obvious pseudonym? Apparantly, it was legit. I wouldn't know, I didn't attend. I could never be in the presence of Stephen A. Smith and watch him yell and rant for an hour or so, even if it means taking a five minute train ride to see one of my favorite athletes. He's just too much to handle. Anyway, Jackea Chan is now in some hot water. She was again trying to get people to attend the fledgling ESPN show by hyping Cubs fans on the fact that Dusty Baker would be a guest. Her memo, in part:


We would like to extend to you and your website FREE tickets to attend the show. We realize that this would be a great opportunity for some of your forum members to get together and meet up for an exciting sports show. You guys can definitely feel free to BOO Dusty if you so please.

You can read the entire memo at View From the Bleachers. Deadspin posted something about the poor form involved in inviting people to a show to boo the guest, and when Baker caught wind of what was going on he cancelled his appearance on the show. Stephen A. blames Deadspin. In all fairness, we understand how professionally, Chan wasn't so smart. But in her e-mail exchange with View From the Bleachers, she says that the booing remark was a joke. And we kind of believe her. She knows that popular sentiment of Cubs fans is against Baker, and she was trying to be humorous, thinking it would endear her to Cubs fans and make them more willing to attend. Instead, she came off like one of those people that talks about his/her racist tendencies openly to a stranger, assuming it's OK because they're of the same race.

Look, it can't be easy living life with the name Jackea Chan. And it can't be easy working for Stephen A. Smith. So let's cut the gal a break and enjoy some lovely CHEEZ DOODLES! It won't be long before Smith is off the air and Baker is out of the clubhouse, anyway.