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We've kept quiet about Ben Roethlisberger's many public appearances since emerging from the wreckage of his car crash because we're really just tired of the whole thing. We're tired of the heart wrenching, the "inspirational" post-crash interviews, the whole deal. Dude won't even film a PSA imploring kids to wear helmets! But since we first spotted Roethlisberger during the Jim Rome interview, we've found his new look quite peculiar. And it's nagged us ever since. Many have commented on how "good" he looks, by good meaning "back to normal." But we're sure he's way past normal. He looks far prettier now than he did pre-crash, as you can tell by the photos above. I think I detect a nose job, a reduction of the cheek bones and jaw line, possibly new (or are they just bigger?) eyes, and...is that a fake tan?! We have no respect for you anymore, Ben. We thought you were the real deal when you had that grotesque beard. Grotesque beards are something we know quite a bit about. But this new look is just...unacceptable. Shame on you.