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It's Pelfrey Time!

Mike Pelfrey loves America.

The Mets are a bit banged up. Sure, we don't hear about it because everyone likes to talk about the Yankees with Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield out. But the Mets have problems too. Cliff Floyd has lingering injuries. Nady was out for a long while because of an appendectomy. Pitcher Brian Bannister didn't make it out of April. And he was good (2.89 ERA over 5 games.) Victor Zambrano came down with a season ending injury just as he started to stop sucking. And now Pedro is on the DL. So before the All-Star break, the Mets are throwing caution to the wind and starting everyone but their actual starters. The last guy to start is the #1 pick from last year, right-hander Mike Pelfrey.


Mets Nation has been talking about Pelfrey for awhile. Although scouts do tout him as a great prospect, part of the hype is the Mets trying to make up for one of the worst trades they've ever made. Right before the trading deadline two years ago, they sent off hot prospect Scott Kazmir to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for not-so-hot pitcher Victor Zambrano. Now, Mets fans every cringe when they see headlines like "Kazmir shuts down Boston with 10 strike outs" (April 30th.)

However, Mets fans are probably a tad weary about this start. Wtih the trade deadline looming and GM Omar Minaya searching for another hand in the rotation, could he be showcasing this hyped prospect against a lackluster Marlin's team to up his market value? Or are the Mets serious about giving the kid a shot at the big time? Either way, the Mets will turn to that 2nd game of a double-header with the hope he'll make them forget about Kazmir.

Tomorrow's game against the Marlins will also have questions. Jose Lima is back again. Last time, he wowed Mets faithful with 3 games and a mean 8.79 ERA and everyone will be wondering what he'll be doing with his hair. Will it be an afro with chunks cut out of it again? Blonde dredlocks? Or will he just come out with a clown wig on? Mets fans will be wondering about Lima's locks until he gives up 7 runs in the first inning. Then they'll just be wondering if someone will shoot him.

Blondes have more fun.

With 3 pitchers not in the regular starting rotation (John Maine, who was acquired in the Kris Benson trade, will start the first game of the aforementioned double-header) starting this weekend, suddenly a seemingly boring series against the Marlins has become interesting.