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Further Proof Michael Vick Sucks

The Out Route despises Michael Vick. We were impressed when he became the first QB to ever beat the Packers in the playoffs at Lambeau Field, but it's evident now that that had more to do with Brett Favre's slow decline into sub-mediocrity than anything great about the "phenom."


Year after year, Vick spends the season hurt or posting mediocre numbers that fall more in line with Aaron Brooks than Donovan McNabb. And yet, each offseason, "experts" continue to predict big things for Vick, praising his revolutionary style and making excuses as to why he hasn't been successful yet and why this will be the year. First it was the natural development of the QB--it takes a quarterback about three seasons before things officially lock in. Then it was the ineptitude of his receivers--yet the Falcons have always had a serviceable group that includes stand-out tight end Alge Crumpler. Next was the adjustment Vick had to make to Jim Mora Jr.'s West Coast offense, which would need another couple of years or development. Now it's Year 6, and it's time for the nation to wake up and realize that Vick is just no good. He's got the same problems as Brooks--inconsistency, poor decision-making skills, rocketing passes instead of putting the "touch" and placement on a ball necessary for a receiver to catch it. Look, before he was drafted Kyle Boller threw a football through the uprights from the 50-yard line, from his knees. That's certainly athletically impressive, but no one's confusing Boller for Marino. Yet Vick's escaped the media's ire by the aforementioned "revolutionary" style of play, which equates to nothing more than bailing out of a play at the first sign of resistance and taking off into the open field. On passing plays Vick ignores his receivers, looks to Crumpler as his first option, and takes off if he's being covered. This style of play ensures two things:

1 - The Falcons will never win a championship until Vick learns to pass (IF he can)
2 - Vick will have a career lifespan closer to a running back's than a pocket passer

Vick's best season came in 2002, the year he beat the Packers, when he threw for 2,936 yards and ran for another 777 with 24 combined TD's (16 pass, 8 rush) and only 8 INT. He's never topped 3,000 passing yards in a season (or 1,000 rush yards, for that matter, although he ran for 902 in 2004). Only one of his seasons, 2002, did he have a passer rating above 80, and discounting '02 as an abberation, Vick has a career TD-INT ratio of 35-31. Most importantly, Vick has never played a full 16-game season. These are not numbers befitting of a superstar. So why does he continue to get superstar treatment?

The NFL could ill-afford another big QB bust ala Ryan Leaf, who was drafted three years prior to Vick and is widely considered the worst draft pick in NFL history. This isn't to say that VIck has been as inept as Leaf, but the hype surrounding Mike was extraordinary and the league continues to need his name power for people who don't know enough to realize he's not the MJ-esque player everyone thought he'd be. The NFL media OD'd on hyperbole and it came back to bite them, so year after year people either deny the truth or make excuses for it. The most common defense I've heard of Vick is that it isn't about his passing numbers--it's about the adjustments he forces a defense to make and his multi-faceted skill set. I'm not sure about multi-faceted, as running seems to be his only true skill, and defenses--good defenses, at least--seem to have no problem figuring out how to play Vick. In the playoffs, where the victories count, you'll find that every team has at least an above-average defense and most are stellar. They aren't fooled by Vick, know he can't pass, and usually throw a spy on him to make sure his run attempts and yards are kept to a minimum.

The other defense I hear regarding Vick is that his stats are inconsequential because his record as a starter speaks for itself. He's lead the Falcons to a couple of impressive seasons, this is true, but Len Pasquarelli points out that a closer look isn't as impressive. Vick's 31-19-1 career record loses its luster when you break it down--he's 24-6 against teams that were .500 or lower at the time the Falcons played them. Against teams with winning records he's 7-13-1. This goes to show that Vick takes advantage of beating up on bad teams but can't stand up to stiffer competition.

Besides, many average QBs have had great success in the wins column, because a quarterback does not a team make. A true barometer for a team's talent is on their lines--a good rushing attack and rush defense can mask a lot of deficiencies elsewhere, and the Falcons have had both in recent years. This is the same formula that got Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer Super Bowl rings in recent years. The difference is that those two quarterbacks were "game managers," meaning they made the requisite minimum of plays to put their teams in a position to win without turning the ball over or making bad decisions--two things Vick has struggled with. Truth is, we've seen just about all Michael Vick has to offer, and it's not spectacular. At this point in his career it's pointless to try to convert him to a pocket passer, and the Falcons will never achieve the ultimate success with the way he plays.

The real winner in all of this Vick hoopla is the San Diego Chargers, who were in position to draft him before trading down with the Falcons, in the process acquiring All-Everything running back, worldly talent, and eventual successor to Barry Sanders in LaDainian Tomlinson, who's consistently been at the top of the NFL's running back pile while Vick sits in the middle of his pack.


vick AND green bay hating?

i think i'm in love.

Here's how you know Michael Vick sucks: He has a lower QB rating than Antwaan Randle El.

The Georgia Dome should be ringing with chants for Matt Schaub by week 8.

I agree completely... everyone says vick is so "explosive" and "entertaining"... mayb...but for fans of the opposing teams. Vick may have good speed and mayb able to juke a few defenders once in a while. But more times then not he will throw the ball into double coverage or into the hands of the wrong team. A great example is when he plays tampabay. He can not do anything against them.

The only problem is that Vick has yet to have anyone even close to a number 1 reciever. Finneran? Jenkins? No. Price was the closest and really his career prior to Atlanta was a biproduct of Moulds and opposing D's leaving him (price) open.

I find the biggest knock is his lack of a 3000 yard passing season. It's true. But, 1) the man wins. Pretty or not, his record is still top notch. 2) If you add in his rushing totals his total yards are around or over 3000.

So, he doesn't suck. But, he isn't a top 5-10 QB. If he gets a reciever, he may change that.

As for Randle El's QB rating. How unfair is that stat? Randle El uses trick plays and throws what? 5 passes a season, if that. Nice try.

how about that for a healthy chunk of last season (the 4th game or so) he had an equal amount of touchdown passes as tomlinson?

i haven't fact checked that, but i remember laughing about it back then...

Grim points out that Vick has substandard recievers. Well, so does Donovan McNabb. Noone wants to own up to the truth. If anyone else posted Vick's numbers they would not be a starting QB. There are stories that they even dumbed down the playbook for him. Grim also says that its not fair to compare him to Randle El because he only throws 5 passes a season. Thats about all that Vick throws. It sucks for me because I have to live in the city this idiot plays in. He is a gimmick that has been figured out.

People who keep going to the well saying that Vick doesn't have great receivers have got to look at other teams and qbs. Who the heck does Tom Brady have anymore? 90 year old Troy Brown is it... and they are 4-1. It doesn't matter really because Vick cannot throw a touch pass consistantly in games. Sure he can chuck a ball 50 yards by flicking his wrist (no one doubts his pure athletic ability) but his accuracy is terrible; he hovers at the 50%. Thank god he doesn't try to force things like Farve because he'd have 5 interceptions per game.

Vick is now 36-21-1 as a starter. 2002 Playoffs; 2003-broken leg; 2004 NFC Championship game;

2005 Falcons have league worst run defense but still go 8-8. They lose 4 games by a field goal at the end of regulation.

2006 4-2 record and are on the way to the playoffs. If the defensive players come back healthy, I superbowl championship is not out of the question.

You guys need to watch games instead of making opinions. I've watched nearly every falcons game since 1980 and Vick is a champion just as he proved in high school and college. You guys (critics) are losers...

Wow cjt. Did you even read what I wrote? Apparently not, because it refutes your "36-21-1 as a starter" defense. By the way, 36-21-1 over 4 seasons is still only about 9-5 a year. Not fantastic numbers.

vick does it again....

I couldnt agree more!!! Get this loser out of Atlanta and I hate to break to all you people in my home town of Atlanta, but Vick isnt hte best quarterback on the team much less the NFL!

I just have some comments on Vick and his completion % (though, he was plagued with the dropsies this past weekend):

I was hoping that he turned the corner and LEARNED how to read defenses and make plays to get them to win. This was an abysmal showing:

Passing Attempts: 32
Passing Completions: 17
Completion %: 53.13
Total Yards: 163
TD's: 1
Int: 2
Fumbles Lost: 1

Passer Rating: a LOWLY 53.13%

Atlanta's 3rd down conversion: 3 of 11 for 37%

Vick has ONLY two good games and Vick lovers were proclaiming that he was the 2nd best passer in the league behind Manning. He's freak'n inconsistent and a terrible QB.

I'm trying to find Vick's 3rd down conversion rate (passing AND rushing) but his 2006 passing efficiency on 3rd down (a true measure of his decision making) is abysmal:

* 33 of 67
* 49.3% completion rate
* 5 TD's,
* 3 Int
* 1st down conversion off of a passing attempt on 3rd down is 36.9%. THIRTY SIX PERCENT!!!

That is TERRIBLE. (For comparison, Peyton Mannings is 60% and DAVID CARR is 42.2%).

His completion percent is the WORST out of all the high paid QB's (2005 Salary Cap numbers) and his 1st down conversion on 3rd down (when he's passing) is the WORST out of all the leading QB's.

Definitely not worth $130 million dollars?!!!!

Excellent research, phoennix.

I heard all sorts of backtalk from Vick supporters after his 2-game impression of a real quarterback, but I was confident he wouldn't be able to keep it up and, surely enough, he didn't.

You're never gonna get your QB rating to 95 with games like that, Mike.


Michael Vick ruined Peerless Price's career.

Also, think of all the QB's that have won a Superbowl and whether or not if they were Scramblers or Pocket Passers. Enough Said.

The entire offense revolves around Vick and unfortunately he is *NOT* getting it done. My problem with Vick is:

- Year after year, he is *NOT* getting any better

- We constantly have to change offensive coordinators/schemes because he doesn't grasp the offense

- He's *inconsistent* with his decision making

- He is "Kurt Warner" like in handling the football (too many fumbles)

- *He has a career completion % of 53 percent* (2006 he's regressing to 52%)

- He is *TERRIBLE* on 3rd downs: 48.2 completion percent

- He is awful in the redzone: 51.6 completion percent

- His passing gets worse in the 4th quarter: 47.8 completion percent

- 32.5% of his incompletions are due to POOR THROWS (Stats. Inc)

This offense is revolved around Vick and when he performs this poorly, this is what we get: a 5-4 record.

Oh yeah, his contract is for $130 million.

I'm not a Mike Vick hater. I have no reason to hate him.
Truth be told - Vick sucks, as simple as that.

Keeping Vick as the QB is a wonderful decision, if all you care about is making more money. His name alone sells tickets and it's evident--that's what is important! If the Falcons would have traded him a couple of years ago, can you imagine the playeres/draft picks they could have gotten?

Mike Vick Is The Most Explosive Player In The NFL. You Need To Give Him Time To Adjust And Recievers To Catch The Ball. Don't Be Jealous That Your QB Can't Run and Pass. Not To Metion He Has One Of The Most Powerful Arms In The League. He's Such A Valuable Player For The Falcons. I Call For The Falcons To Make Wildcard Spot, AND Next Year Possibly Win The Superbowl. Remember There's Only Room For One Superstar. Yeah X Factor Baby. So All You True Non Mike Vick Hater Fan's Fuckk Off Peace

Wow...I don't even know where to begin dissecting that post, XFactor. OK, I'll start from the beginning:

The most explosive player in the NFL is LaDainian Tomlinson.

He's had six years to adjust.

Your QB can only run, my QB can pass. I'd rather have the latter.

Vick's powerful arm can't find the spot his receivers are in.

So valuable that you can't win?

How can you make the playoffs if you can't beat the Lions?

Super Bowl. Ha.

Wow.......... Tom That Just Go's To Show You're A STUPID Cowboys Fan And You Don't Know Anything About The League. Just Be Prepared Come Dec 16. For Mike Vick To Run All OVER Your Defense And Make The Cowboys Look Like Shit. None Of What You Said Is Remotley True. DON'T Be Jealous. You're Loosing Your Head Coach Next Year. Also Tony Romo, Will Have One Good Season, And Than Fall Like Ben Rothelissberger. Peace

Tom, I'll cover this one.

Tom's a Saints fan. You may remember the Saints. Those are the Saints that wrecked you when you and your so called QB played at their Superdome. Drew Brees is the true passer we're talking about.

Oh, but Tony Romo is better than Mike Vick and he's only had a quarter season to adjust.

Ok Well Why's Tom Wearing Cowboy's Shit When I lOOKED At His Profile. Drew Brees Is A Joke. He Should Of Stayed In San Dieago. Also Your Head Coach Has Got You Guys On A Emotional Hurricane Katrina High. That's Why You Won The Game Dickhead. I Can't Wait Til Tommarow You Saint's ARE Playin In Our House, And Them Dirty Birds, AS We Are Called By Wash Up Wr Joe Horn, Are Gonna Win. You Guys Aren't AS Good As You Think You ARE. The Saints Are Comin. Yeah Know. Funny How WE Can Beat Teams That You Can't Like Pittsburgh

Xfactor, you really aren't that bright.

Not To Mention 2nd Round Pick Reggie Bush Has Not Even Lived Up To His Hype At ALL. But Hey What The Hell Do I Know.. I am Not Wasting Anymore Of My Time On You Loosers, You Obiousley Have Know Idea What The Hell You Are Talkin About. Happy F***ing Holidays. Peace....................


funny 1st post. Your obviously blinded by Vick's strong arm and electricifying runs instead of truly dissecting his overall abilities.

Honestly, though, Vick isn't comporable to ANY QB in this league because:

"At this point, there is really nobody to compare Vick with, at least not in NFL history since 1978. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A QUARTERBACK THIS INACCURATE, THIS FAR INTO HIS CAREER."


are they letting people use the computers at the soup kitchens in atlanta again? They say most homeless people get that way because of mental illness or drug addiction, but my bet for Xfactorman is that he dropped out of highschool because the teachers "Jus' Didnet Understnad His Own Unquie Outloook", then couldn't pass the equivalence test (y'know, cuz he's illiterate), even though he had dreams of Harvard Law. And really who's to say otherwise? Obiousley Not Us Loosers.

Wow.............That's All I Can Say. P.S. I Live In Orlando

yes Vick sucks.100 million dollars for sub-par player

Vick vs. the Saints:

9-24, 84 yards. 37.5% Against, though I'm a Saints fan, one of the worst secondaries in the NFL. Good job, Michael.

And don't even bring up the 166 rush yards. How valuable were they? Obviously not very. Teams never succeeded by using three RBs and no QBs

he's gonna be gone and forgotten just like kordell stewart. they are pretty much the same

Yesterday's loss to the Saints (31-13) continues to prove Vick's problems with the NFL game. Today's NFL doesn't allow one player to beat you; even LT has a great offensive line and very good defense to back him up. The most telling thing about Vick is that he has continually struggled even though his team is very good. Granted, the Falcon's defense has had injuries, but not like the Patriots - and you don't hear them complaining... or losing. There is no question that Vick is an exceptional athlete; he is arguably the fastest and more elusive player in the NFL. That being said, great athletes don't always make great players. Up until this season, the Falcon's have been winning; this season they have had a slide. Every team plays Vick the same way: try to take away his run and make him pass to beat you. Vick can make throws, just not enough to injure most teams most weeks. Odds are, if you can make him pass, you will beat the Falcons. Sure he will have weeks where he wins passing the ball; but he will lose more often than not.

From a fundamentals standpoint, Vick is a terrible QB. Like most of us on this blog, I am an avid NFL fan. I have watched many Falcons games. I can honestly say that, in all that time, I cannot remember ever seeing Vick throw a pass on a three step drop. He almost always goes back 7 steps. Think about how fast he drops back after the snap. Can you imagine if Peyton could get back and get his feet set up that quickly. He would throw for 400 yards every game.

Vick's elusiveness buys him time in the pocket, but it also buys the defense time to catch up on routes. Vick needs to throw the ball earlier. In an earlier post, XFactor called out Reggie Bush stating that he hadn't done anything this year. Well, he has caught 64 passes; exactly 3 more than all of the Falcon's wide receivers have combined this season.

Vick's fundamentals are terrible. He waits and waits and waits, maneuvers, and buys time so he can chuck a ball 30-40 yards down field. They are low percentage throws. Go back three steps and throw a four yard pass. They are exceptionally difficult to cover. They allow your running game to prosper. And they burn time off the clock.

Vick has had six years to adapt to the NFL. Look at his second half numbers; they are terrible. After teams make adjustments at half-time, Vick suffers. He is forced into making bad decisions. He doesn't throw well to begin with, so add some pressure, and you will end up with 9 for 24 for 87 yards each week. His learning curve is flat out terrible.

Vick is a very entertaining athlete to watch play. He truly is a one man highlight reel with his raw speed. I say this because I am not a Falcon's fan. I don't mind watching the Falcons lose. If Vick makes a few good plays, great, I am interested in watching them. If they lose... oh well, I don't care anyway. So coming from the vantage point of an uninterested fan, Vick is great. However, if I were a Falcons fan, I am sure he would frustrate me all to hell.

Vick is a Harlem Globe Trotter: fun to watch and to talk about at the water cooler on Monday morning. But there is a reason why the Globetrotters don't play in the NBA: they are a gimmick and a novelty act. Which is exactly what Michael Vick is turning out to be.

Well put, tipster. Especially the part about Vick being like a Globetrotter.

Here's the problem, however. And this is a problem I'm very familiar with because of my days watching Aaron Brooks. Vick CAN'T throw those four-yard passes because he has no concept of touch. Every pass he throws -- short, intermediate, deep -- he rifles. That is why his receivers (and, coincidentally, the Saints receivers under Brooks) drop so many passes. As a quarterback, sometimes you need to know when to take something off of the ball. Vick can't do that.

maybe vick isnt the best quarterback in the league..shit im saying he isn't. By the way im a falcons fan. but i can not believe you would say he is a terrible waste of time, money, and space. And to take it back to the game sunday...he was the lowest percentage completion at 37, but he threw no interceptions, and the man ran for 166 yards! somewhere around 150 in the first half...granted he didnt play phenonminal, he didnt play bad. think about why this article doesnt bash everytime brett farve or peyton manning when they fuck up. because people love michael vick...regardless if they love the way he plays or love to hate him. he is the jj reddick of the nfl. no matter what you think about him you sill have to acknolidge his skill and fun to watch game play

Ok,Granted We Did Loose To The Saints Yesterday, But If You Look In The Sports Page, In The Orlando Sentinal Or Watch Sportcenter Alot Of Analist's And Sports Writers Will Say It's Not All Vick. He Had 5 Balls That Where Thrown That Should Of Been Caught And 2 For Touchdowns. But His Receivers Did Not Catch Them Even Know They Were Thrown Right On The Money. Yes He Did Have A Few Overthrown Balls. But The Bottom Line Is Don't Blame Vick For Atlanta's Downfall.

Tipster, good post. Vick's passing is abysmal. And, yes, the recievers did not help.

However, Vick is just not that good. He's just not accurate with his throws. He is SO inconsistent that the offense has no rhythm or timing. The West Coast (or sometimes the spread/read/option) offense is predicated on the QB making good decisions, having great timing and being extremely accurate. In Vick's SIXTH year, he has yet to display any of those abilities.

Vick supporters are blinded by his incredible SCRAMBLES and his strong arm.

What the Vick apologists fail to see are:

1) His slow progressions
2) His POOR decisions
4) His terrible touch on short throws
5) His poor feel for the pocket (A couple of weeks back, Ron Jaworkski pointed out that Vick has a tendency to step INTO pressure when he stays in th pocket)

Why do you think he has to scramble so much?

How many offensive coordinators and offensive schemes is Atlanta going go through before they realize that he is NOT an NFL caliber passer?

His decision making is already piss poor, so, why do you think he is not allowed to audible?

How many more years is Atlanta fans going to wait til Vick, "gets it?"

Again, I have to quote:


there has also never been a quarterback with this much mobility. i think atlanta's past 4 losses have more to do with the defense than the offense because vick has not played any worse than when he wins. and look at the starting defense that is injured right now, if you take that ammount of talent off any team the offense is going to have to produce much more to keep in a game, and with vick he tends to win when he doenst have to score 40 points, just because he cant throw up those numbers every week.

^^Ahem... Randall Cunningham was just as (if not, more) mobile as Mike Vick. Did he ever win a championship? No. I have to admit that he was fun to watch though :-p.

You cant even begin to blame Atlantas defense for their past 4 losses. granted they have lost a few of their key players, but any way you slice it the blame can squarely fall back on the offense. If the offense was able to produce any amount of points and keep up with the oppositions offense, the defense wouldnt be but int he position of being forced to make a stop, because even if they do make a stop the offense has become so unproductive that the defense is back on the field in another 3 plays. Maybe if their DB's like DeAngelo Hall werent busy trying to be fucking gangsters saying stuff like 'if steve smith plays im gonna kill him' and actually stated tryin to cover, they would be doing alot better than the 300+ yards theyve allowed Drew Brees and Ben Rothlesberger (who is undoubtedly having one of the worst seasons of any qb in the leauge) to put up.they need to put up or shut up. Oh and xfactor, as for mike vick being the Man, i dont think the Man gives his fans the bird, regardless of whether they are booing him because of how badly he played or not.

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