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Best Wishes, Peter

Without a hint of sarcasm we wish the best to Peter Gammons, one of our favorite sports personalities and a truly one-of-a-kind man. Gammons is notorious for his genuine love of baseball and his encyclopedic knowledge of the game and its history, as well as being one of the nicest guys in sports. For a summary of his incredible career, we direct you to his Wiki page. As an aspiring sports writer, I can only hope to have a career half as accomplished as Gammons'. Gammons suffered an aneurysm in his car on Cape Cod and was flown to Boston for immediate surgery. He's currently in ICU, where he'll be for about 10 days.

If you're not a Peter Gammons fan, you've probably got ice water running through your veins. How many 61-year old baseball writers do you know who give everything for their job, release rock records in their spare time, and champion bands like The Clash and The Pixies? Get well, Peter. ESPN won't be the same until you're back.