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Mike Vick is Officially a Scumbag

I haven't respected Mike Vick for awhile. But I didn't hate the guy. He was more just a joke for me because all of his controversial actions were just stupid. He had the James Bond-esque water bottle that was hiding his pot found at the airport. He flipped off the fans. But nothing really that made me say anything worse than "What a fuckin' dumbass."

Well, my tune is changing from "What a fuckin' dumbass" to "What a fuckin' scumbag." Why? Because police raided a Vick-owned house to find emaciated and injured dogs and items that are used in dog fighting. Vick's response is that it's his family's living there and he doesn't know what's going on. That they're just taking advantage of him.

My day job, or job in general since I don't get paid for this, is that of veterinary technician. So as I spend my days helping animals, it infuriates me to read that this son of a bitch has a part in abusing them. His excuse is just bullshit to me. First of all, that ESPN.com article linked above noted Animals Rights groups claiming that it was rumored Vick was involved in dog fighting for awhile. Secondly, if he didn't know, which I doubt, it's his house so it's his responsibility. Ignorance is not bliss. Is this the same part of the family that includes his brother, who stomped on another players kneecap in college? You don't know what your family is doing? I bet you were there with money in your hand rooting for one dog to tear another apart. Even if you weren't, it's in your house so you're just as responsible.

He's either being irresponsible or just a bad person. I'm going with the latter. I know The Out Route gets a lot of Vick-lovers defending his case, but I'd like to see you all try. Will the fans of blind faith in Atlanta actually still root for this guy even though he's a shitty quarterback and an even shittier human being? If he improves as a quarterback, they probably will. It's the unfortunate nature of sports. But since I'm not a fan of Atlanta, I will now be firmly rooting against Vick, rejoicing in his failures, and even enjoying any injuries, knowing the dogs in his basement got no better.

Rot in hell, you bastard.



Good article. He is a piece of trash who should have this count against his career. His brother showed there is something wrong with his family and this confirns it. They are scum.

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