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Don't Call it Revenge

This is my first of many Mets-related posts to come this season so get pumped.

I was all ready for Opening Day. I had purchased my black Reyes jersey, the Mets boxers were ready, and I was wearing my hat specifically designed for away games in the Eastern and Central time zones. Winning against St. Louis was important on Opening Day. It set the tone for the season and reminded the National League that the Mets have what can be considered an American League lineup. They showed everyone that even aces like Chris Carpenter can't contain them on the right night. But winning in St. Louis is in no way revenge for losing to them in the NLCS last year.

Revenge is when Chuck Bronson kills the gang who killed his wife. Or daughter. Or neighbor. Why the hell are people hanging out with Chuck Bronson? Revenge is when Chuck Norris dons his ranger hat and beats the crap out of the drug lord that kidnapped his DA girlfriend. Revenge is when Chuck Berry beats up white people everywhere for stealing rock and roll. OK, that never happened, but I needed a third Chuck.

The point is, beating a team on the first day of the season does not make it even for losing to them innings away from the World Series. That'd be the same as if Chuck Bronson's character in Death Wish found the gang that killed his family, then left a flaming bag of shit on their porch, and called it even. The only way for the Mets to actually get revenge is to knock the Cards out of the postseason. And there are about a thousand games until the postseason.

In the end, the Cards ended the Mets season last year and that's that. It's a new season now and the Mets need to look towards this October and not back to last October. It should be an exciting season with a lineup like the one they have. For now, they won't be able to get their "revenge." Maybe one day. Until then, you can get your dose of revenge from some guy named Chuck.