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Why Would Grossman Possibly Want Out?

I've had an inkling that Rex Grossman was being a tad paranoid about the way he's been treated in Chicago over the last year. You know, I thought that most of the negativity directed towards Grossman was coming from the national media and Bears-haters, and that most Bears fans were actually in his corner.

Turns out I was wrong. Everybody hates Rex Grossman. EVERYBODY.

Chicago native (and 76ers guard) Steven Hunter has no plans to break out his Rex Grossman jersey anytime soon.

"I'm not ever wearing that jersey," said Hunter prior to the 76ers game against the Nets last night.

The performance of Grossman in the Bears' 29-17 Super Bowl loss to the Colts bothered Hunter the most about Sunday's game.

"He could've proved a lot of people wrong," Hunter said. "I think we should've put (backup QB) Brian Griese in. We need to put him (Grossman) and Steve Bartman away."

Hunter then said that the Eagles should go after Jeff Garcia or Donovan McNabb to replace Grossman, or even Aaron Brooks. OK, I lied. NO ONE wants Aaron Brooks on their team.

Now I know Bartman is a touchy subject in Chicago, but he's no Grossman. Bartman was an overzealous fan who screwed up and has more than paid for his crime. Remember, the Cubs could have won that series post-Bartman. Grossman is directly responsible for the downfall of Bears and, worse, the changing of a Bears fan's name to Peyton Manning.

These are things that will be haunting you forever, Grossman. You can run from Chicago, but the the city's hatred of you will live eternally in your soul.

If you want to hear (read) the counterpoint to Grossman's suckiness, check this out at Sports On My Mind. It's a pretty coherent blog, which is typically an oxymoron (see: this site). But SOOM manages to be lengthy and detailed without boring.



I tell anyone here who hates Grossman, you either don't know football or don't really care. Fucking guy is a virtual rookie with a wounded defense and a teetering O-line (the Bears biggest need next year) and his team made it to the Superbowl.

Now defeating any other team in the NFC was not such a big deal this year. No NFC team could really match up (sorry Tom. Saints will be ready next year, though).

But it is true that the Bears could have faced San Diego, New England, maybe even the Ravens and probably would have lost.

If Rex is still the same player NEXT year, it'll be time to look around. This guy has not seen every defense like Peyton Manning has. But he will have playoff experience. And hopefully the coaches will stop being so stubborn in their game plans to help the guy get into his rhythm.

And THANK YOU, by the way, for posting that blogger's take on it. Those core issues have been part of the Bears' problem ALL season. Receivers not being where they should. Blockers missing their assignment. And an offense too mired in its pre-configured philosophy to adjust.

Thanks for the mention!


oh yeah: and I just added y'all to my blogroll - I like your stuff... keep doin' what you do.

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