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Samac: Scott-Free?

It looks like Scottie Pippen is on the comeback trail.

Pippen, 41, hasn't played since February 2004, when a left knee injury forced him to retire. But he told reporters Thursday that he wants to return, hopefully to a contender that could make use of his experience in a playoff run.

Pippen, who hasn't played since the 2003-2004 season (in reality, it's been since at least 98-99) says that he'd eventually like to become a coach in the league and is willing to apprentice as an assistant.

''But I'd like to play first," he said. "I feel I still have a year and a half of basketball left in me if I'm put in the right situation. I'd even be willing to sign a 10-day contract. At least that would be a start. I just want a chance to show that I can still help a team.''

This must be very disappointing news for Charlie Villanueva who had a short but productive reign as the Ugliest Man in the NBA.

Does anyone else find this sort of sad? One of the supposed fifty greatest players in NBA history could potentially be signing a ten day contract like some Sioux Falls Skyforce D-leaguer. Scottie, come on, you have six rings, two gold medals, a hot wife, and Horace Grant's eternal friendship – what are you trying to prove?

I suppose that as a forty-something ex-NBA player he could be making worse decisions. See: Tim Hardaway.