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Reid Accompanies Son To Rehab

The headline about says it all.

No doubt you've heard of the Reid siblings, sons of Eagles head coach Andy, and their brushes-in with the law recently. Well, Garrett Reid, who was found with heroin after a traffic accident earlier this year, is entering rehab and was escorted by his father.

I hope Garrett does well, really I do -- heroin addiction isn't a laughing matter -- but, paired with the death of Tony Dungy's son a year ago, I wonder what the costs of being a successful NFL head coach are.

Coaches in the NFL work a ton. This isn't exactly news. Fourteen hour work-days are the norm, as are weeks of the year spent on the road. Both Dungy and Reid were known as "family men," but how is that possible in their environment?

Reid took a leave of absence of a month from the team to attend to his family's troubles. That looks good on paper -- it's more than most coaches would do/have done -- and I try hard not to pass judgement on people. But if it were me, I'd like to think that I'd retire. The problems involving Garrett and Andy's other son Britt are not those that can be solved in a month. They are the product of years of issues and require long-term care and attention.

Reid has proven what he has as an NFL coach. He's won a lot, he's made a lot of money. He has little to prove, except that he can be a father to his sons when they really need him. It seems to me that he'd rather prove he can win the Super Bowl.