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Bad Rex Applies to Career Moves, As Well

Rex Grossman has had it with you ignorant people questioning his ability to be a successful NFL quarterback. You hear me? He's HAD IT! And he's so fed up that he might refuse to sign with the Bears before his contract expires in 2008, allowing him to test the open market.

Start with Grossman. Sometime after the draft, when all other issues have been resolved, the team and Grossman's agent, Eugene Parker, likely will discuss a contract extension. Neither Grossman nor the Bears really prefer for the quarterback to enter the final year of his deal in 2007, but both sides have compelling reasons to change their minds.

Grossman might be so fed up with his treatment in Chicago that he would be willing to test the open market in 2008 and gamble that in his second season as a starter he will enjoy a more consistent and potentially Pro Bowl-caliber year.

The fact remains: Grossman, in the biggest game of his career, went against conventional wisdom so obvious that even I, a blogger knows about it: DO NOT throw deep in the fourth quarter of a game being played in the rain when you're only down by one possession. It was obvious enough that the ball was almost too slippery to even hold onto. Whenever I'm quarterbacking a pickup game, I always make sure to go with the underneath stuff if I'm playing in the rain. It's just logic, but that's something that has escaped Grossman's quarterback play all season long.

The Bears won in spite of Grossman, not because of him, and for all the defending Lovie Smith has done over the season, it's got to be obvious to the Bears' front office that this is NOT the guy you win a Super Bowl with.



Bears defense being what it is, if Grossman can get the offense to provide 21 pts. per game, they can be Superbowl champs.

I think Grossman is Pro-Bowl potential material, and he does get gross-ly unfair treatment in Chicago. He's the best QB the Bears have had in my lifetime (which is getting up there), hands-down. People are mad he's not Joe Montana in his first full season? Fuck them.

I think the problem with Grossman is all mental, which isn't something you can teach a guy.

He's got all of the physical tools to be a successful quarterback, but the fact that, three years into his career, he's still making foolish decisions with the ball and admitting to mental lapses during the season is troubling.

Take it from a guy who pinned his hopes on Aaron Brooks for 5 years. You can't teach smarts.

Aaaron Brooks, cripes, that's a good point.

But if he were any sort of basket case, I don't think his team would rally around him as solidly as they have. He has born the blame for the offensive coordinator, the recievers, and the O-line. Yes he has dumb plays--plays which are not at all unusual for any quarterback's first actual year playing in the league. And he has made clutch plays quite a bit, so it's not necessarily pressure.

If the Bears were passing the ball in the rain when they were down by 5 pts. in the SuperBowl with plenty of time on the clock and Thomas Jones averaging 4 yds/carry (despite a fairly solid Colts run defense), that's not necessarily Grossman's fault.

It mystifies me, really. Grossman is great at selling play-action. Run that ball! That was the idea, wasn't it?

Not that the Colts didn't deserve to win, though. They were ready and Chicago clearly wasn't.

The Bears lost a Superbowl BECAUSE of his idiotic mistakes.

He should be shown the door ASAP.

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