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Arenas Still Waiting on His Revenge

Gilbert Arenas is on a mission -- a revenge mission. Why is he so pissed? Is it because he's named Gilbert? Maybe, but that's not what this is all about. This all about Arenas being cut from Team USA last summer. Since then, Gilbert has vowed to go Chuck Bronson on the league.

First, he went after Team USA assistant coach Mike D'Antoni, the coach of the Phoenix Suns. He scored 54 points in an overtime win.

Then he said that if he played Duke, who is coached by Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski, he would put up 80 points on them. In fact, he said he wouldn't even pass the ball. Now, Duke is pretty shitty this year -- by Duke standards. I don't know if he meant he would be playing with the Wizards or if he could put up 80 against Duke with any scrubs he found in a local gym. I guess it wouldn't matter if he didn't pass. Unfortunately, this is a game we'll never see.

So that left Nate McMillan, coach of the Trail Blazers. In Arenas' latest blog, he stated it's time to put up his 50. Instead, he was held to single digits for the third time this season. Arenas will have one more chance to go against Portland, in Portland, on March 20th. I'm sure the crowd will give it to him, and the Blazers weren't too happy about his claim. In fact, point guard Jarrett Jack called it a "punch in the face." Lets see if he claims he'll get 50 next time.

I think Arenas has completely missed the point. This selfish behavior is the reason that he was left off Team USA in the first place. Of course, he's more talented than a guy like Kurt Heinrich or Chris Paul -- both talented in their own right. But Coach K has always preached team ball; a guy who is more concerned about getting personal revenge than his own team winning is selfish. Anyone who said "I wouldn't even pass the ball" in any context is not going to be on Coach K's Team USA wish list. Wizards coach Eddie Jordan has been noticeably irritable when asked about Arenas' 50-point claims. He wasn't too happy when Arenas said Jordan's focus on defense has been taking away from the offense.

Arenas is an awesome player and he was the frontrunner for MVP for a good time in the beginning of the season. Players like Arenas are always entertaining, and guarantees are always fun to watch -- sometimes more fun when they bite the player in the ass. However, his actions aren't making anyone regret cutting him from Team USA. I wouldn't mess with him on a personal level though. Then he might really go Chuck Bronson on your ass.