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Is It Something In The Water?

The Atlantic Coast has great beaches, the best bagels and pizza in the country (if you live in New York/New Jersey), and the worst athletic competition you'll ever see.

The NHL and NBA factions of the Atlantic used to be proud divisions; it was only six years ago the Devils and the Nets had the chance to bring a Stanley Cup and NBA Championship to New Jersey in the same year. But something has changed. Typically, the balance of power in a sport shifts between conferences or leagues. But in both the NBA and NHL this year, it seems like the only teams struggling are the ones in the Atlantic.

The Nets lead their Atlantic with a pitiful 7-10 record. That's the 20th best record in the NBA, but the best in the Atlantic. Sad, no?

The Islanders (?!) lead the NHL's Atlantic with 31 points, the 5th best total out of the six division leaders.

What's worse, both divisions had high expectations coming into the season. The Nets and Celtics were penciled in as playoff teams. The Nets are currently in only because they're the best of the worst. In the NHL, the Devils are always expected to be good, the Rangers were supposed to continue their improvement last year, and the Penguins were supposed to explode with their powerful corp of young stars.

What gives? If you're a fan of any of the Atlantic teams in either sport, tell us what went wrong in the comments.