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You Can Flex All You Want

The football gods refuse to be defeated by a measly thing called "flex scheduling."

You see, the NFL came up with this concept so that they could plan the Sunday night games late in the season around playoff races, big rivalries, exciting matchups. They decided that they'd determine the matchup for a Sunday night game two weeks prior to the game, to ensure that the teams playing were relevant and that, you know, no major injuries had occurred that would reduce the game's star power. So how's that going?

Well, the football gods are vicious. As are the anti-McNabb gods. And they've combined to ruin the Eagles/Colts match on Sunday night. McNabb, as you've heard, is out for the year after tearing his ACL in a rather mundane sideline fall. And suddenly, the matchup loses all it's luster. Or does it.....? Because making his return to primetime football is....yes....wait for it....


Just look at that man! He looks like Danny Bonaduce, except minus the goatee and with a Mexican name even though he's a gay Canadian! And he was on Punk'd! I know McNabb has had to deal with Rush Limbaugh, Terrell Owens, and crazy defensive ends every week, but has he ever faced the wrath and fury of Dax Sheppard? I think not.