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Toomer Out for the Season

Things are not going the Giants' way right now.

Yeah, they're two games ahead of anyone in their division and are one of the lone NFC Super Bowl threats (me? I'm going with, of course, the Saints and the Chargers. The NFL needs a story for its games? There's one. Brees vs. Rivers. The Teacher vs. The Student. The Hotshot Vet That Gets Spurned and Excels With Someone Else and Now Wants Revenge vs. The Team That Originally Do the Spurning. This parenthetical excerpt is entirely too long.). The Giants, though 6-2, are falling apart at the seams -- first it's LaVar Arrington, out for the season; then Michael Strahan, missing anywhere from 2-8 weeks; now it's Amani Toomer, out for the season with a partial tear of his ACL.

Toomer hasn't reached 1,000 yards since 2003, but he's remained a nice #2 target since the acquisition of Plaxico Burress. For someone who's a fourth option on their team (Tiki, Plax, Shockey, Toomer, with Brandon Jacobs right behind), 720 yards and 6 touchdowns (the pace Toomer was on this year and numbers that fall in line with his production the last two years) is pretty good.

Shockey himself has been dealing with nagging injuries all year long that have effected his productivity, and Burress missed their last game against the Texans. They've still got Chicago, Jacksonville, Dallas, Carolina, Philadelphia, and New Orleans on the schedule. They'll have to win at least four of those to make the playoffs. They were a lock to win the division, but that was before Tony Romo started rocking the shit. They might be fighting for a wild card, and need to be as healthy as they could be for the stretch.