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The Suit Is Back For Some Reason

For some reason, Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio and 49er's coach Mike Nolan have gotten permission from the league to wear a suit on the sidelines during games. Both will wear them twice this season. Nolan, besides honoring his father, thinks the suit will help command authority. Hopefully, it's an 80s blue tux with a pink cumberbund. It may be the only way people will be willing to watch the 49ers.

The NFL couldn't grant this right immediately because Reebok has "outfitting rights." Basically, Reebok is paying to be the NFL's collective mother and dress the coaches. In fact, I think Reebok executives come into the coach's house and lay out their windbreakers at the foot of the bed. Luckily for the coaches, their corporate mother was OK with the suit.

Del Rio and Nolan are obviously trying to emulate coaching great Vince Lombardi, who wore a suit and was one of the best NFL coaches ever. I don't think that's good enough. If they wear the Lombardi hat and glasses too, then they'll have my respect. Throw in a pair of suspenders to really complete the look. The days of Bill Belichick's inherently lazy look are over. Del Rio and Nolan are bringing back a trend -- the trend of being completely uncomfortable for three hours in some of the hottest venues in the league.