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Renaldo Balkman Has Had Enough of Your Smarminess

Well, Renaldo Balkman has officially proved the doubters wrong. A lot of people didn't think that the Knicks would win a game all season, let alone once in MSG, let alone with Renaldo Balkman leading the way with a transcendent 18-point performance. Seven rebounds and two blocks also made appearances on Balkman's stat sheet, all in only 22 minutes.

Listen, Renaldo Balkman has had enough of you and your smarminess. He hears about the jokes made behind closed doors, and it only fuels him to succeed with the strength of 1,000 Renaldo Balkmans (which, sadly, still doesn't match one Shawne Merriman). Look out, he's planning an assault on the NBA, and when all is said and done the Knicks will have bowled over the opposition to the tune of 20! -- no! -- 25 wins this season!