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T.O. Subscribes to the Rock Star Death Theory

As you've probably heard by now, Terrell Owens tried to kill himself (supposedly) last night by taking 35 painkillers. No matter what you think about Owens, it's safe to say that whatever caused the transformation from "Terrell Owens" to "T.O." and the backlash that has occurred because of the personality change (perhaps his own fault) are based in deeply-rooted issues that disturb the man; he's got demons. Owens had what you could call an underpriviledged, lonely upbringing as an outcast that he's been open about in the past. I'm not making any claims or forming any hypotheses, but it seems like a logical connection.

For all of the hatred directed at Owens, is he really that bad? He's never been charged with possession of drugs, for DUI, or for beating a girlfriend. He's an asshole. So? So am I, so is Kyle, so are you. Owens is just an asshole who's always got a camera in his face. Yeah, I've grown to dislike him in recent years too, but that's been more because of media overkill -- I've heard the song too many times, you could say.

Owens' camp is trying to spin the story, refuting the EMT claims that Owens confirmed that he was trying to "harm" himself, but assuming it's true, what role does the media play in this? I'd imagine being villainized and hated around the country for no particularly great reason could be a weight on someone's soul. Especially if the media has mostly exaggerated their negative portrayal and if the person involved has dealt with a life of being picked on and isolated. Kyle will expound on this question later today. We just hope Owens is okay and that he gets whatever help he needs.

One thing is for sure, though. Somehow, someone will find a way to blame Donovan McNabb for this.