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The Mets Would Love to Kill Your Dream

Have a personal dream you'd like to see killed? A goal that you don't want to fulfill? Do you want to fail to climb that mountain? Then call the Mets. For a small fee, they will destroy your dream.

Do you want references? Look at their recent work against the Florida Marlins.


The Mets just traveled to South Florida to meet the wild-card-hopeful Marlins. The Marlins won the first game against the Mets in their three game series and led going into the 8th in both games since. However, the Mets worked the hardest to pull out late game comebacks to crush that dream. Last night the Mets rallied from 0-4 to lead 5-4 in the 8th inning. Tonight they took the game 7-4 in the 10th after a 9th inning rally cleaned up a one-run deficit.

The Marlins are now three games behind in the wild card when they could be just one. The Mets killed their dreams and did it with style, getting their hopes up first. That's doing a job with finesse. The Mets believe in finishing what they started, so they will continue next week during a four game series at Shea.

As a Mets fan, I don't mind watching the Mets kill some hopes. I've watched good teams kill the Mets hopes for years in the past and watching the Mets do the same confirms that they are a good team. The Mets need to ride momentum into the playoffs, resting only a few players at a time. If the Mets momentum dies, I worry they'll never get it back. It's like the free HBO I'm getting. I fear everytime I turn it off, it won't be on the next time I turn it on.

So if the Mets need to roll over a few wild card hopefuls to get to the playoffs, then they should do so. They may have to play those teams in the playoffs anyway so they should get the advantage now.

The Mets will clinch soon and maybe then, they'll take a little break from shattering dreams, but I doubt it. David Wright or Jose Reyes will get a few days off, which they'll use to break an aspiring pianist's hands or release doctored homosexual photos of aspiring politicians.

Don't let your dreams come to pass. Call the Mets today.