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Quarterback Blue Balls

On Saturday, it was reported that Vince Young would start in Week 4 for Tennessee. Yesterday it was reported that Matt Leinart would have the same opportunity for the Cardinals. Both teams backed off on those statements and decided to go with their proven, bad quarterbacks over their unproven rookies.


Being a Rams fan, I have a small spot of sympathy for Kurt Warner. However, the Rams knew when to cut ties with Kurt. So did the Giants. Denny Green does not. Last Saturday, the Cardinals handed the game over to the Rams. After a Marc Bulger fumble, the Cards had the ball deep in Rams territory with less than two minutes left and one of the best kickers in the league on the sideline. Then, Warner adds a fumble to his three interception day, Rams recover, they hold on and win.

Kerry Collins had a "good game," if you consider a good game 19 of 33 for 269 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions a good game. I don't. The Titans claim they're not playing for next year, but playing for now. Either way, Kerry Collins isn't the answer. We already know that the fight for the number one overall pick is between the Raiders and Titans -- is it any coincidence both teams had Kerry Collins in the last two years? Personally I think the Raiders will be the worst team. Nonetheless, the Titans should go with Young, get him ready for NFL play so he can come out to compete next year. Kerry Collins' near win against the hapless Dolphins wasn't impressive enough to earn him another start.

As for Warner, how many total turnovers does the guy need to produce before you bench him? 10? 20? He absolutely gave the Rams that game. Horrible interceptions, including one to Dexter Coakley in the Rams endzone with nary a Cardinal in sight, cost the Cards that game. Warner has been washed up for a few years now. He's not winning the Cardinals any games. Let Leinart have a shot.

Bad teams make bad coaching decisions. I have no doubt that Young should be starting for Tennessee. I understand not wanting to work Leinart too soon. The Cardinals staff is worried that there will be too much pressure on the rookie. But there's too much pressure on the veteran. Starting Leinart seems like the right move.

Both Young and Leinart had their hopes up for a good 24 hours before they were crushed. The players probably both called home, or Nick Lachey, to share the good news. Now they're back to the sidelines, watching these veteran washups throw away some games.

I guess we'll have to wait until week five for these coaches to come to their senses.