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The Post Which Discusses Reggie Bush's Nickname


Yes, yes, yes. ANOTHER Reggie Bush post, and he hasn't even completed his first day in training camp. He showed up, by the way, in style -- black Adidas cleats with three gold stripes, as you can see above. Anyway, our coverage might seem excessive. But I'm an atheist. At least, I was, until April 29th when Bush held up his new Saints jersey. He's now assumed the role of my personal deity, and you'll be expected to put up with my spreading of the gospel much the same way I put up with the Jews for Jesus who constantly try to hand me flyers on the subway.

Anyway, in reference to Bush's arrival at training camp, Joe Horn referred to him as Baby Matrix. I've heard this references something from the movie, although I wouldn't know because I didn't waste my money on any of them. Still, Shawn Marion is already The Matrix, and the name's not that good to begin with. ESPN is calling him St. Reginald (a real saint who was from Orleans, France -- clever, huh?) and in college he was named Mr. President. We need to get on the same page as it pertains to a nickname for him, except for Berman, who will go about his jackass tomfoolery by referencing some stupid remnant from pop culture past. Unfortunately, we shouldn't hold our breath for "That's My Bush." I like St. Reginald. He's a Saint. He's Reggie. And he plays in (New) Orleans. Other suggestions are welcome.



i've heard people call him "the Messiah" i like that one...

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